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Transitioning Executives

Executives in transition are faced with many critical financial decisions at a time they are dealing with profound stress. Feelings of frustration and worry are completely normal.

To compound the problem, many employers give only 90 days to sort out their deferred benefit and compensation programs (such as pensions, stock purchase plans or group retirement plans).

Getting a handle on these important decisions early is paramount to a smooth transition. We specialize in quarterbacking things like document collection, cash flow stabilization, and finding a team of trusted professional advisors (legal, tax, HR) to work with going forward.

Having gone through a major career transition prior to becoming a team-based financial advisor, Shiraz Ahmed understands some of what you may be going through. And he can help by creating a plan that makes sense for you and your family, and leaves you feeling secure, organized, and confident in your future.

If you are dealing with the proceeds of a deferred compensation program, please contact us to arrange a discovery session, where we can get to know each other and you can ask all your questions.