Our Bespoke ProcessTM

Our Process

At Sartorial Wealth, we serve our clients with a consultative, team-based approach that examines all aspects of their financial lives. Using our Bespoke Process, we tailor make all solutions to ‘custom fit’ each client’s unique needs, as no two clients’ situations are ever the same.

We engage with our clients similarly to how a high-end custom tailor would…

What’s the occasion

  • What does my current situation look like today?
  • Where am I going? Where would I like to go?

Take your measurements

  • Based on your situation today, future financial requirements and risk tolerance, we build strategies to help fit the occasion.

Create your custom pattern

  • Use the appropriate tools to create your ‘custom fit’ financial plan.

Test fitting

  • Once the initial draft of your plan has been constructed and reviewed, we will determine if refinements need to be made, to ensure a ‘custom fit’.

Finishing touches

  • After the initial drafting and refinements have been made, we move to implement the strategies laid out in the plan.

Delivery and alterations

  • Annual review meetings help you stay on track. Review your current situation and goals, make ‘alterations’ for necessary changes, and modify the plan and strategies accordingly.
  • Accountability is paramount, and execution is vital to the success of the plan.  We deliver on our promises.